Brand Owners

Brand owners are under everlasting pressure from counterfeiters. The Brand Check Global solution offers affordable, effective, and efficient protection for minimum outlay that minimizes damages that arise from counterfeit products.

cStar Technology’s tamper proof passive RFID Stealth Tag is the core underpinning of the authentication recognition network being appended in various forms to individual boxes, bottles, sachets, vials, thermoform or cold blister-packs, cartridges, syringes, etc.. Correspondingly cStar’s bulk pack incisive induction reading Wave Guide Channels uniformly track and monitor movement of bulk product between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and patients, end-users or customers; a structure that further employs today’s smart phones at the Point-of-Sale and various waypoints. All transactions are concurrently passed through an ‘Authentication Gateway’ for verification before then passing through a ‘Banking Processor Gateway’.

The Brand Check Global Solution:

  • Protects brands and products from pervasive counterfeiting.
  • Drives down fraud losses by detecting potential abuses and stopping theft in real time.
  • Takes advantage of ‘Stealth’ enclosed packaging containing a unique identification code string associated with the brand owners’ contents with date of construct, identification and shipping codes encrypted with a rolling-key data sequence necessary to confirm genuineness.

Covert specially “baked” stealth tag affixed to individual products is unique and cannot be duplicated; both on the encryption and on the actual physical level.

Consumers are able to check a product’s authenticity by communicating to the brand owner’s secure product database in real time by simply tapping their smartphone to the product.

Brand Check Global helps Brand Owners protect their brand equity and bottom line.

Brand Check Global provides consumers with a convenient and secure method of validating items before purchase, protecting their safety and their wallets.

Brand Check Global helps consumers protect their safety (e.g. from counterfeit drugs, tampered food items, etc.) and provides peace of mind with a convenient and secure method of validating items before purchase.

Providing leadership in brand security for consumers, Brand Check Global solutions not only help to protect Brand Owners from lost revenues by counterfeits, but also help protect Brand equity/reputation by providing accountable real time brand protection solutions.